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Cervical Cytology

Women between the ages of 25 to 65 will receive an invitation for a cervical smear test. This procedure should be performed routinely at three to five year intervals depending on age. Smears will be done more frequently where necessary. 

If you have received a letter or it is overdue please contact the surgery to book an appointment with one of our Practice Nurses. 


Family Planning and Advice on Contraception

A full range of family planning is available at the surgery, including coil fitting, implants and advice on all forms of contraception.

Sexual Health Advice - Somerset Wide Integrated Sexual Health Service - Provides a ‘one stop shop’ which offers free and open-access to contraceptive and sexual health services to support healthy sexual and reproductive choices.   

Telephone 0300 124 5010 Swish Services website

Sexually Transmitted Infections - Genita-Urinary Medicine (GUM) Clinics provide free testing & treatment

0300 124 5010

Emergency Contraception - You have 3 days in which to act to try and prevent a pregnancy.

Help is available from any GP who provides contraceptive services or from Contraceptive and Sexual Health Service (see above). During Bank Holidays emergency contraception may be obtained through Accident & Emergency Depts.


Health Checks

Please note these are not done at the Surgery.

The NHS Health Check is a check-up for adults in England aged 40 to 74. It can help spot early signs of stroke, kidney disease, heart disease, type 2 diabetes or dementia. This is particularly important if you smoke, or have a family history of coronary heart disease at an early age (less than 60 years).

Information on how to access NHS Health Check


Healthy Lifestyles

Living and feeling better can start with a simple step. Health Connections is your GP practice social prescribing and health coaching team and much more. They offer help with topics such as sleep, exercise, healthy eating, social and emotional wellbeing. Visit their website to find out about the services they offer:

Health Connections Mendip - Healthy Lifestyles



Please go to our Immunisations page




Women aged 50 to 70 years will be offered a mammogram every three years. You will be contacted directly by the Breast Screening service.


Pre-pregnancy advice

Pre-pregnancy advice is offered by the doctors and midwife for those thinking of becoming pregnant. It is essential that you stop smoking, reduce your alcohol intake to a minimum, ensure an adequate daily intake of the vitamin folic acid in your diet, and check with your doctor about any medication you are taking. As a general rule don't take any drugs, including those bought over the counter, in pregnancy, unless advised by your doctor. All pregnant women should attend the antenatal clinic as soon as possible. We offer full antenatal and postnatal care in partnership with Shepton Mallet Maternity Unit.