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Holiday travel

Foreign travel

We are no longer providing travel advice consultations and you will need to seek this from another service (see information below). We are only able to provide the NHS vaccinations recommended for travel. If you require the NHS vaccinations simply return to the practice having completed the Travel form for travel vaccination attached to this page below,  and the Practice Nurse will contact you to book the next available appointment. If the next available appointment is not soon enough for your travel needs then you will need to pay for the injections at the Travel Service.

For more information on what vaccinations you need to travel, please follow link below:

Some travel vaccinations are covered by the NHS and will be able to be done at the surgery. For more information on what vaccinations are covered and those that aren’t, please follow link below:

Once you know which travel vaccinations you need we will be able to arrange to have those covered by the NHS at the practice by using the form attached to this page.

For travel vaccinations not covered by the NHS you will need to book into a travel clinic.

Please find links below for two services who provide travel clinics and advice:

You may find it helpful to visit the website and the Fit for Travel website

Some drugs, such as malaria prophylaxis, have to be purchased by the patient from a pharmacist for which you may also need a private prescription. There will be a charge for a private prescription.

Travel form for travel vaccinations

Useful websites

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

NHS Immunisation – the most comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate source of information on vaccines, disease and immunisation in the UK

Boots Vaccines and Travel Advice – an easy to use guide that allows for multi-destination visits.


Medication supplies when travelling abroad

Grove House Surgery follows the NHS rules on the provision of medications when travelling abroad.  The NHS allows a maximum of 3 months of medication to cover you when travelling out of the country. Unfortunately we cannot exceed this and you will need to make arrangements whilst abroad for repeat prescriptions if you will be out of the country for longer than 3 months.

If you have a Patient Access account you can access details of your repeat medication online, should you need to, for the overseas doctor.